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Geographic Tongue Tongue Thrusting -Etiology and Diagnosis

Tongue thrusting is defined variously by different scientist. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the tongue thrusting -etiology and diagnosis. Read on […]

Tooth Transpalatal Arch and Nance arch

Transpalatal arch and Nance arch or Nance space holding appliance are the types of fixed space maintainers. They are used for maintaining the space between […]

Leukoplakia What are the Potential Problems of Incipient Malocclusion During Predentate Period?

In the present era, dentistry is prevention oriented and the kid in the first year of life is a most desirable patient to recognize the […]

tooth-5 Individual Tooth Loss

Tooth loss may occur due to various risk factors. It can be due to poor hygiene, use of tobacco products, oral diseases, etc. Ultimately all […]

Tooth Pulpectomy In Primary Teeth – Canal Cleaning and Shaping

Pulpectomy is the removal of the contents of the pulp chamber and the roof in order to gain success to the root canals which are […]

Tooth Direct Pulp Capping

Pulp capping can be done in two ways based on the pulp condition. These include direct pulp capping and indirect pulp capping. In this article, […]

Dental Problems Indirect Pulp Capping

Indirect pulp capping is the treatment procedure to the decayed dentin is incompletely removed and is treated with the bio-compatible material. This helps in avoiding […]

Teeth How is Cementation done for Stainless Steel Crown Preparation?

Cementation is one of the procedures for the tooth restorations. The cementation done for stainless steel crown preparation is discussed briefly below in this article. […]

tooth-5 Stainless Steel Crown – Clinical Procedure

Stainless steel crown procedure is a semi-permanent restoration which is used in the young and primary permanent tooth. Stainless steel crown clinical procedure is discussed […]

Teeth What are the Complications of Stainless Steel Crown?

A semi-permanent restorations for the young permanent and primary teeth were done using stainless steel crowns. But, these restorations also have complications. The complications of […]

Dental Cavity Stainless Steel Crown -Types and Modification

In the young permanent and primary teeth, a semi-permanent restoration is used which is termed as stainless steel crown. Humphrey in 1950 introduced it as […]

Teeth Stainless Steel Crown

Stainless steel crown is a semi-permanent restoration used in the primary and young permanent teeth. It was introduced as chrome-steel crown by Humphrey in 1950, […]

Cavity Preparation for Caries-Restoration Polycarbonate Crown as Semi permanent Restoration

One amongst the moderately recent advancement in semi permanent restoration is polycarbonate crown. These are recommended for the restoration of lost tooth structure and to […]

Dietary-Fluoride-Supplementations Causes of Black Spots on Teeth in Children

  Black spots are the discoloration on the teeth that can occur due to various reasons. The discoloration is seen when the tooth enamel is […]

Dental-Injuries-in-Children Activities for Oral Hygiene for Children

Parents need to teach their kids about how to brush and floss their teeth and rinse their mouth as it is very important in order […]