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Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening Side Effects Top 10 Reasons for Bleeding Gums

Top 10 reasons for bleeding gums can act as an indication or a sign to enlighten us with the other mouth infections or problem underlying. […]

tooth Chemotherapy Effect on Mouth

Cancer can occur in any portion and part of our body. Chemotherapy is used as the treatment to cure this disease. But, this therapy even […]

Stem-Cells-in-Teeth Types of Jaw Surgery

Jaw surgery is generally prescribed to correct the jaw position at rest. There are three types of jaw surgery depending on the type of jawbone […]

Pit-and-Fissure-Sealants Wisdom Teeth Removal Complications

Wisdom teeth come in at the end of the jaw. They are last pairs of teeth that come in at the age of 18 to […]

Pulpitis - Diagnosis and Treatment of Pulpitis Wisdom Teeth Nerve Damage Symptoms

Wisdom teeth are the third molars which come in at the end of the jaw bone. In some individuals, wisdom teeth come in without any […]

Pit-and-Fissure-Sealants What are the Symptoms of Lingual Nerve Damage?

Lingual nerve damage is one of the major complications of tooth extraction. There are common symptoms of lingual nerve damage which are similar among affected […]

Teethache Dental Complications Due to Oral Piercing

Dental complications are a major concern now-a-days. One of the cause of dental or oral problems is piercing. Research at TAU (Tel Aviv University) have […]

Lip Piercing Lip Piercing Infections – Signs and Symptoms

The infections caused by lip piercing are one among the common kinds of infections that is associate with the body piercing. Lip piercing infection shows […]

Dental-Prosthesis Oral Piercing Infections

Piercing on the body or orally can lead to infections due to the open tissues. Oral piercing infections are also common. Oral piercing can be […]

Home Remedies for Cough During Pregnancy Natural Treatment for Canker Sores

Canker sores are also referred to as apthous stomatitis ulcerative  and mouth ulcers. Typically, they are small painful ulcers with a yellow-gray centers surrounded by […]

Flossing with Braces Effects of Braces on Teeth

Braces are used for adjusting an individual’s teeth, including the treatment for buck teeth, crooked teeth and other dental problems such as gaps. The effects […]

Leukoplakia Causes of Jaw Pain

Jaw pain can be a result of many different reason. There might other different oral and dental conditions which could be the cause. The causes […]

Tooth-Dry-Socket Top 10 Facts about Oral Health

Oral health not only helps to maintain the health of the teeth and gums, but also the overall health. This is based on the study […]

mouth-infctn Mouth Ulcers Symptoms

Mouth ulcers or open lesions appear in the mouth. They may develop due to various causes such as cuts, wounds, etc. One can notice the […]

mouth-infctn Mouth Injuries -Types of Mouth Injuries

Mouth injuries occur due to various reasons, however they can also be treated. Mouth injuries include those injuries that occur to the tongue, lip, frenulum […]