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Pulpectomy in Primary Teeth Pulpectomy in Primary Teeth

Pulpectomy involves the roof removal and the contents of the pulp chamber as to gain access to the teeth root canals that are disinfected, enlarged and debrided.

Tooth Lingual Arch Space Maintainer

Lingual arch space maintainer is made up of 2 bands. It is cemented to the six-year molars with the arch wire running from 1 band […]

Tooth Band and Loop Space Maintainer

Space management generally refers to the supervision of a kid’s developing teeth and jaws during the growth period from infancy to the adulthood. In this […]

tooth-5 What is Preventive Orthodontics?

In the quest for providing optimal dental care, the age-old maxim of prevention is better than cure holds true. In this endeavor the Pedodontist is […]

tooth-5 What is Interceptive Orthodontics?

Interceptive orthodontics is defined as the existing interference elimination with the key factors which are involved in the dentition development. In this article, there is […]

Tooth Apexification Treatment Evaluation

Apexification is the method of inducing the development of root apex in an immature pulpless tooth by formation of osteocementum or other bone like tissue. […]

Teeth Apexification and Apexogenisis

Apexification is the method of inducing the development of root apex in an immature pulpless tooth by the formation of osteocementum or other bone like […]

Teeth Obturation Techniques for Pulpectomy

Pulpectomy is the removal of the inner contents of the pulp along with the roof so that to gain access to root canals that are […]

Tooth Direct Pulp Capping

Pulp capping can be done in two ways based on the pulp condition. These include direct pulp capping and indirect pulp capping. In this article, […]

Dental Problems Indirect Pulp Capping

Indirect pulp capping is the treatment procedure to the decayed dentin is incompletely removed and is treated with the bio-compatible material. This helps in avoiding […]

Dentures Pulp Testing Methods

Pulp testing is one of the effective ones to follow before the treatment for a root canal therapy or any tooth filling. There are various […]

How to Stop Wisdom Tooth Pain? What are the Factors Influencing Pulp Therapy?

Pulp therapy is still a subject of controversy particularly in pediatric dentistry mainly due to the lack of efficacious medicaments and skills. There are several […]

tooth-5 What are the Special Considerations for Stainless Steel Crowns?

Tooth restorations are done using various restorative materials. Though, there are various materials, stainless steel crowns are one among the semi permanent restorations. The literature […]

Teeth How is Cementation done for Stainless Steel Crown Preparation?

Cementation is one of the procedures for the tooth restorations. The cementation done for stainless steel crown preparation is discussed briefly below in this article. […]

Types of Dental Elevators What is the Procedure for Stainless Steel Crown Preparation?

Stainless steel crown is semipermanent restoration. These are one among the moderately recent advances. These stainless steel crowns are recommended for the lost tooth structure […]