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Dental Cavity What Is Dental Cavity? -Symptoms, Treatment, And Prevention

I remember how scared I was when we had our mandatory annual checkup at the school and I was waiting to see a dentist. The doctor was very impressed by my white teeth but my friend had a Dental Cavity.

top 10 dental facts Top 10 Dental Facts

The dentist not only helps to solve your dental problem, but also helps you alert about various other oral problems. There are many dental facts […]

Toothpaste Top Toothpaste Manufacturers

Today in this brand oriented society, conciously or unconciously we get associated with several brands in a day. We start our morning with brands and […]

how to pick the right toothpast for children How to Pick the Right Toothpaste for Children?

You should choose toothpaste for children with utmost care. After all it’s for children, and their teeth are more delicate than ours. You should take […]

brush in a clockwise direction How to Brush Your Teeth Properly

We all brush our teeth everyday, but how many of us know how to brush your teeth properly? Not many I guess. Well, this improper […]

finish with a rinse Dental Care Tips

An even set of pearly white teeth is everyone’s cherished dream. Although it is partly a matter of luck and partly genetics, there is a […]

how smoking affects your teeth How Smoking Affects Teeth

A research team at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne studied cigarette smokers with chronic gum disease – which can lead to loss of teeth […]

dental care and women Dental Care and Women

Women should take proper dental care because they are more susceptible to dental problems as they come across major hormonal changes in different stages of […]

Leukoplakia What are the Potential Problems of Incipient Malocclusion During Predentate Period?

In the present era, dentistry is prevention oriented and the kid in the first year of life is a most desirable patient to recognize the […]

Fluoride Fluoride Toxicity

Although fluoride helps in the prevention of caries and in the protection tooth structure. But, an increase in concentration of fluoride causes harm to the […]

Fluoride-dentifrices Self-Applied Topical Applications -Fluoride Dentifrices

Fluoride dentifrices are used to brush the teeth for the application of fluoride. Fluoride dentifrices are used as self-applied topical applications. Fluoride containing tooth pastes […]

Dental Caries Prenatal Fluoride Supplements

Supplements during pregnancy help in the growth and development of the foetus. Thus, it is also important to intake proper dosage of healthy supplementation. Studies […]

Dietary-Fluoride-Supplementations Different Forms of Dietary Fluoride Supplementations

Fluoride is one among the elements that help in preventing dental diseases, especially caries. The different forms of dietary fluoride supplementations that are administered in […]

Dental Caries Community Water Fluoridation

Fluoride is one of the electronegative elements which effectively helps in preventing dental caries. Community water fluoridation effectively helps in the caries prevention by providing […]

Dental Cavity Prevention of Dental Disease in the Adolescent

Prevention of dental caries continues to be oral health priority adolescence and prevention of periodontal disease becomes a special concern. This is a very unique […]