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Flossing with Braces Fixed Space Maintainer – Band Formation

Space maintainers may range from very simple to those complex ones with numerous wires and bands. In this article there is a brief discussion on […]

Types of Dental Elevators Space Loss -Nature and Prevalence of Space Loss

In the arch, every tooth is like a unit, which is maintained in place by a host of factors and also it, in turn, maintains […]

Dental Problems Clinical Assessment for Space Management

Space management is one of the concerns for maintaining the tooth alignment. In this article there is a brief discussion on the clinical assessment for […]

tooth-5 Individual Tooth Loss

Tooth loss may occur due to various risk factors. It can be due to poor hygiene, use of tobacco products, oral diseases, etc. Ultimately all […]

Tooth What are the Recommendations for Tooth Preparation?

Tooth disorders require various procedures for the tooth restoration. There are various recommendations for the tooth preparation which are discussed briefly in this article. Let […]

Hydrogen Peroxide White Teethning at Home Designing For Proximal Lesions

Plaque accumulates readily immediately below the contact area between any two teeth, anterior as well as posteriors. Proximal lesions can be formed due to bacterial […]

Dental Cavity Stainless Steel Crown -Types and Modification

In the young permanent and primary teeth, a semi-permanent restoration is used which is termed as stainless steel crown. Humphrey in 1950 introduced it as […]

Teeth Stainless Steel Crown

Stainless steel crown is a semi-permanent restoration used in the primary and young permanent teeth. It was introduced as chrome-steel crown by Humphrey in 1950, […]

Cavity Preparation for Caries-Restoration Polycarbonate Crown as Semi permanent Restoration

One amongst the moderately recent advancement in semi permanent restoration is polycarbonate crown. These are recommended for the restoration of lost tooth structure and to […]

Dental Health Lamination Techniques

A various number of techniques have been used for the proper restoration of caries. Lamination techniques have been one among the best techniques for proper […]

Types of Dental Elevators Preventive Resin Restoration – Review

The etched resin techniques have proven results which has shown renewed interest in the conservative cavity design along with a view for the healthy tooth […]

What are the Reasons for Early Orthodontic Interventions? Lining Materials for the Tooth Restoration

Tooth restoration procedure help in the prevention and treatment of caries. These techniques used various materials and equipments to clean the affected area. Then required […]

Teeth Dental Amalgam Fillings – Review

Dental amalgam fillings are one of the tooth restorative materials. But, they are considered not to be safe as they contain mercury which is harmful […]

Teeth Types of Dental Amalgam Alloy

Amalgam is the remaining plastic material of value in the restoration of deciduous teeth. Dental amalgam alloy is the most inexpensive and reliable material of […]

tooth Clinical Steps for Dental Composite Resin

Dental composite resin is used for the restoration of the tooth. These treatment procedures are examined clinically. In this article, there is a brief discussion […]