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treatment considerations for mouth breathing habit Treatment for Mouth Breathing Habit

Mouth breathing can cause a change in the position of the mouth. Thus, mouth breathers require treatment to correct the condition and prevent the habit.In […]

top 10 dental facts Top 10 Dental Facts

The dentist not only helps to solve your dental problem, but also helps you alert about various other oral problems. There are many dental facts […]

Toothpaste Top Toothpaste Manufacturers

Today in this brand oriented society, conciously or unconciously we get associated with several brands in a day. We start our morning with brands and […]

how to pick the right toothpast for children How to Pick the Right Toothpaste for Children?

You should choose toothpaste for children with utmost care. After all it’s for children, and their teeth are more delicate than ours. You should take […]

can fluoride in toothpase cause dental fluorosis Can Fluoride in Toothpaste Cause Dental Fluorosis

  “If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately” This is the warning to […]

brush in a clockwise direction How to Brush Your Teeth Properly

We all brush our teeth everyday, but how many of us know how to brush your teeth properly? Not many I guess. Well, this improper […]

finish with a rinse Dental Care Tips

An even set of pearly white teeth is everyone’s cherished dream. Although it is partly a matter of luck and partly genetics, there is a […]

how smoking affects your teeth How Smoking Affects Teeth

A research team at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne studied cigarette smokers with chronic gum disease – which can lead to loss of teeth […]

dental care and women Dental Care and Women

Women should take proper dental care because they are more susceptible to dental problems as they come across major hormonal changes in different stages of […]

medicinal causes of bad breath Medicinal Causes for Bad Breath

Bad breath or halitosis can be embarrassing and it may cause anxiety. Although, store shelves are overflowing with mouthwashes, mints, gum and other products for […]

Leukoplakia Premalignant Lesions -Leukoplakia

Leukoplakia is a type of premalignant lesions. It is precancerous condition which can be diagnosed at a early stage through routine oral examinations. In this […]

Oral Precancer Erythroplakia Differential Diagnosis of Leukoplakia

Leukoplakia is a condition in which there are white lesions on the surface of the oral cavity. There are different diagnosis of leukoplakia which are […]

Dental Conservative Treatment for Leukoplakia

Treatment for Leukoplakia can be done using various methods such as elimination of etiological factor, surgical management, conservative treatment, miscellaneous and laser treatment. Conservative treatment for […]

Tooth Surgical Treatment for Leukoplakia

Leukoplakia conditions can also be treated following surgical procedures. There are various methods of surgical treatment for leukoplakia which are discussed below in this article. […]

Cavity Preparation for Caries-Restoration Diagnosis for Mouth Breathing Habit

Normal breathing through mouth helps in normal dentofaical growth. Increased flow of air through nose might be the primary cause of the mouth breathing. Mouth […]