Dental Problems

Canine Dental Problems

Canine dental problems are sometimes considered a serious problem. Canine teeth are seen in dogs, any infection to these teeth will extend rapidly to the whole teeth and the gums. This article looks in the details of canine problems.

Canine Dental Problems

Causes of Canine Dental Problems


Bacteria and food particles that are collect along the gumline form plaque. If it is felt uncleaned it leads to more serious problems like tartar and eventually gingivitis.


When plaque is not removed, it combines with the minerals in saliva forming tartar. Tartar is very irritating to the gums, it leads to inflammation called gingivitis. If the breath is very bad and, if you see blood around the teeth and gums, it should be treated by a veterinarian.

Periodontal Disease:

If tartar is not removed at the right time, it builds up causing further inflammation in the gums. The gums around the teeth, opens up and collect debris. The teeth will get loosen and start falling. It may lead to the development of abscesses.

If the canine tooth are left untreated, the bacteria formed in the gums get transferred to all parts of the body through blood flow. In a short time it also effects kidneys, heart, liver and other parts.

Symptoms of Canine Dental Problems

  • Loss of appetite
  • Bad breath
  • Broken or missing teeth
  • Red swollen gums and bleeding
  • Excessive drooling
  • Tartar and yellow-brown plaque at the gum line

Cleaning of Canine Teeth

  • Brushing the teeth regularly is very important.
  • There are different toothpastes available for cleaning plaques, using the proper toothpaste gives faster results.
  • There are some natural cleaning products available in the market, for cleaning canine teeth.

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