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What are the Causes of Root Canal Complications?

DenturesThere are many such conditions which can lead to the cause of root canal complications. This results in the failure of the root canal treatment. Some of these conditions which cause root canal complications are discussed below in this article.

Causes of root canal complications

Missed root canal:

It May be due to the missed root canal which is either not cleaned or sealed properly. These conditions include:

A tooth may also have more than one root canal which is usually not expected. A dentist might not have a look on this extra canal. Thus, this causes recontamination of the infected tooth.

Crack inside the tooth root: If a crack is left unnoticed inside the tooth root, which allows the bacteria to make a re-entry and infect the tooth.

If a dentist doesn’t measure the correct length of the canal, then the endodontic filling material does not reach the end of the canal, leaving an infected area behind. Sooner, this results in the tooth abscess.

Root perforation: This is another major cause of the root canal complications. During the treatment, when the endodontic instrument perforates the root. This results in a small opening which need to be sealed properly. If not the bacteria penetrates and re- infects the tooth.

Vertical root fracture: An infection with bacteria inside the tooth causes the death of the pulp cavity. This makes the tooth brittle. A major and serious complication of the root canal is the fracture of the tooth root. This usually occurs during the filling procedure of the treatment.

Defective dental restoration: If the materials used for restoration are of poor quality or if the restoration is not done properly, bacteria can make a re-entry into the tooth and can cause further infection in the root canal.

These are some of the few causes of root canal complications which can create serious problems late. Thus, if one experiences any discomfort or pain after the root canal treatment, then immediately consult your dentist. He/she needs to find the correct cause and work on the problem.

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