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Thumb Sucking Prevention

thumb sucking preventionThumb sucking is one habit which children adapt to reduce their urge of sucking or drinking milk.

Thumb sucking prevention

could be very hard in some kids, while in some it can be easy. The various ways of preventing thumb sucking are discussed below. Let us examine them.

Thumb Sucking Prevention

  • Motive based approach:

    The etiology of thumb sucking focuses on a predominant psychological background. It’s prevention should be directed towards the motive behind the habit. History serves as an important tool for diagnosing the etiology, whether the habit is meaningful or empty.

  • Child’s engagement in various activities:

    Parents when questioned may reveal that the child practices the habit when bored and left to himself, or it could be just before he goes to sleep. In such cases, the parents can be counseled on keeping the child engaged in various activities.
    This gives little chance for the child to practice the habit. The child can be encouraged to follow his hobbies of interest such as painting or engaging in outdoor activities with his fellow mates. These measures can be followed when the parents are working.

  • Parent’s involvement in prevention:

    When the parents are at home they should be advised to spend ample time with the child so as to put away his feeling of insecurity. At night this can again be reinforced by playing soothing music or by telling good bedtime stories till the child falls asleep.

  • Duration of breast feeding:

    Care should be taken when feeding infants, in that the duration of feeding should be adequate so as to enable the child to exhaust his sucking urge and feel completely satisfied.

  • Mother’s presence and attention during bottle feeding:

    Bottle-fed babies should be held by the mother and enough attention should be given in the process. This will promote a close emotional union between the mother and the baby similar to that seen in breast-feeding.

  • Use of a physiological nipple:

    A physiological nipple should be used for bottle-feeding and the size and number of the hole should be standardized to regulate a slow and steady flow of the milk.

  • Use of a dummy or pacifier:

    Acquiring a digit sucking habit can be prevented by encouraging the baby to suck a dummy instead. If the child has already found his thumb or fingers, it will not be easy to introduce the dummy. Because not all babies start to suck their thumbs, it is only necessary to offer a dummy to a child whose behavior indicates an urgent desire to such a digit or dummy. Dummies are easier to dispense with at an earlier age than its digit sucking.

The above article discusses about

thumb sucking prevention

. Try to include home remedies for preventing thumb sucking. Parents can also consult their dentist for preventing their kid’s thumb sucking.

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