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Top 10 Dental Facts

How to Avoid Black Spots on Teeth?The dentist not only helps to solve your dental problem, but also helps you alert about various other oral problems. There are many dental facts which every individual should know. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the top 10 dental facts which your dentist wants you to know. Read on to know more.

Top 10 dental facts

  1. Dental checkups also include oral cancer screenings:

    During your regular dental checkups, your hygienist and dentist also do screening for any of the signs of oral cancer. Oral cancer include cancer of the mouth, throat or lips and is serious disease, but is often highly cured if the condition is diagnosed in the early stages and treated. Every hour of each day, someone dies due to oral cancer, particularly in the U.S. Avoiding tobacco use and visiting your dental office for regular oral checkups are the major factors in the oral cancer prevention.

  2. Periodontal or gum disease affects overall health:

    Periodontal disease is one among the main causes for tooth loss, particularly in adults. It has also been shown to have a link with heart strokes and diseases. Gingivitis can also be treated and the condition can be reversed if diagnosed within the early stage. If the treatment is not done within time, then a more advanced and serious stage of gum disease, known as periodontitis occurs, resulting in bone loss. Maintaining a good oral hygiene which includes brushing twice daily, flossing daily, going for regular oral cleanings and checkups are the best preventive measures against gum disease.

  3. Dental checkups and cleanings are extremely important:

    Visiting dental office for a regular oral cleanings and checkups is one among the most important factors for maintaining good oral and dental health. Regular dental cleanings and oral checkups help to prevent cavities, gum disease, root canals, oral cancer (lip, throat and mouth) and other oral conditions.

  4. Brushing twice daily helps to prevent cavity formation:

    Brushing your teeth properly twice a day helps to disrupt the plaque formation and decrease the number of bacteria. Plaque is the sticky thin layer of bacterial growth and food debris on the teeth. Bacteria act on the food debris and produce acid which destroys the hardest enamel of the tooth and causes tooth damage. Brushing twice and flossing daily prevents plaque formation in between the teeth and also helps to prevent gum and oral disease.

  5. Bad breath can be due to a dental problem:

    Persistent bad breath is a sign of a dental or oral problem. Use of mouthwash can only over or mask the oral problem, but will not cure it. Thus, individuals suffering with persistent bad breath must go for oral checkup for a permanent cure. In addition to the treatment for the bad breath condition, brushing twice daily and flossing daily greatly helps to eliminate bad breath.

  6. Proper nutrition is not important for good overall health but also for good dental health:

    Include foods rich in vitamins and minerals helps in good dental health. Avoid non-nutritional and junk foods and soft drinks as they harm the dental health. As sugary foods increase acid production and cause more damage to the tooth. Thus, limiting sugary, junk and non-nutritional foods and intake of fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals greatly helps to maintain overall good dental health.

  7. Dental problems will not go away or get better without treatment:

    The fact about any dental condition is that they must be treated as early as possible to reverse or stop the damage. But, delaying the treatment only causes more damage to the teeth. For instance, if the tooth cavity is not treated at time, then the cavity can become bigger and filling cannot treat the condition. A bigger cavity is a sign of nerve damage and might require root canal treatment or tooth extraction.

  8. Root canal treatment is usually not painful:

    Most patients get scared to go for root canal treatment. But, with modern technology, root canal treatment is as simple and painless as tooth filling.

  9. Change your toothbrush:

    Everyone must change their toothbrush regularly. Manual toothbrush becomes unusable before, about or after 3 months. They are also not as effective as once the bristles change the color and become harder. A soft toothbrush can move in between the teeth and can disrupt and damage the plaque formation.

  10. Maintaining a good dental health is very easy:

    One can easily maintain a good dental health by following a good oral hygiene. Some people think that maintaining a good dental health is very difficult and takes much effort. But, this is untrue. A proper and a good oral hygiene is necessary. This can be done by following the things listed below.

    1. Brushing:

      Brushing twice a day once before going to bed with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride tooth paste.

    2. Flossing:

      Flossing once daily helps to remove the hardened plaque and also from between the teeth where the brush cannot be reach.

    3. Eating a nutritional diet:

      Include fresh fruits and vegetables and dairy products.

    4. Regular dental checkups:

      This not only helps to maintain a good dental health but also screens out the possible early signs of mouth cancer. Thus, regular diagnosis helps to identify the condition early and treat it.

The above article discusses about the top 10 dental facts one should know.

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