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How to Pick the Right Toothpaste for Children?

ToothpasteYou should choose toothpaste for children with utmost care. After all it’s for children, and their teeth are more delicate than ours. You should take proper care of your child’s teeth to make them stronger for their lifetime.

Things to consider

    • First and the most important thing is to check if the tooth paste is certified by the American Dental Association (ADA). This shows that the toothpaste is effective and meets all the guidelines of ADA.
    • Try to check the recommended age on the toothpaste pack. Always buy the toothpaste which is made for you child’s age. It will be more effective and keep your child’s teeth healthy.
    • Give your child a new flavor of toothpaste every month. This will make your child interested in brushing their teeth regularly. But if your child is fond of one particular flavor, then don’t change it.
    • Pick toothpaste with fluoride as a content. It helps in strengthening teeth. Children up to 3 years should not be given toothpaste with fluoride, as they tend to swallow them.
    • One more thing you should do, is research about various children toothpaste online and also read up some reviews on them. This will let you choose the best and effective toothpaste for your child’s teeth


Things to remember

  • Have an eye on your child while he or she is brushing
  • You should keep toothpaste on toothbrush for your child and not let them do that. This will either let them waste toothpaste or put more in their mouth.

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