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Differential Diagnosis of Leukoplakia

LeukoplakiaLeukoplakia is a condition in which there are white lesions on the surface of the oral cavity. There are different diagnosis of leukoplakia which are discussed below in this article. Let us examine them.

Differential diagnosis of leukoplakia :

  • Lichen planus:

    This is distinguished by the occurrence of the multiple lesions frequently and due to the ‘Wickham’s striae’ presence.

  • Syphilitic mucus patches:

    In this condition other features like condylomelatum or split papule may be present.

  • Chemical burn:

    The history is important in the chemical burn.

  • White sponge nevus:

    This occurs at least by puberty or soon after birth and is distributed widely over the membrane of the oral mucus. In contrast to leukoplakia, familial pattern is seen, that occurs above 40 years of age and is not so disseminated all throughout the oral cavity.

  • Psoriasis:

    Skin lesions are present and Auspitz’s sign is also positive.

  • Discoid lupus erythematosus:

    In this condition, there is a white small dot and radiating white striae or slightly elevated border line on the central atrophic area.

  • Leukoedema:

    It occurs classically on the buccal mucosa covering over the oral surface of the cheek and also extending onto the labial mucosa. This condition has fainted milky appearance with wrinkled and folded pattern which is compared to the definite whiteness of leukoplakia.

  • Verruca vulgaris:

    this commonly occurs inside the oral cavity. They are small, raised and white lesions with a diameter of more than 0.5 cm compared to the verrucous leukoplakia (this is larger and is surrounded by inflamed mucosa).

  • Hairy leukoplakia:

    It is the corrugated leukoplakia lesion which occurs on the ventral and lateral surface of the tongue in patients suffering with ARC or AIDS.

  • Verrucous carcinoma:

    In this lesions are exophytic (elevated).

  • Electrogalvanic white lesion:

    White lesions disappear when the composite restoration replaces the different meat restorations or when the teeth are extracted.

The above article discuses about the differential diagnosis of leukoplakia .

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