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Conservative Treatment for Leukoplakia

TeethTreatment for Leukoplakia can be done using various methods such as elimination of etiological factor, surgical management, conservative treatment, miscellaneous and laser treatment. Conservative treatment for leukoplakia is one of the ways for preventing this condition.

Conservative treatment for leukoplakia:

  • Vitamin therapy:

    This offers a protective effect on the epithelium. 4000 IU is the daily requirement and is given topically, parentally or orally. The therapeutic dose of this vitamin therapy is for 3 months for about 75000 -300000 IU. After the lesion is painted with podophyllin solution (it inhibits mitosis), vitamin A may be applied topically.

  • Vitamin E + vitamin A:

    This therapy is given for inhibiting metabolic degradation.

  • Antioxidant therapy:

    The data shows that the supplementation with B-carotene could be beneficial in the oral leukoplakia treatment.

  • 13-cis-retinoic acid:

    13-cis-retinoic acid is a synthetic analogue of A vitamin. It is given usually in high doses about 1.5 -2 mg/kg body weight for about 3 months. 13-cis-retinoic acid is also given in lower doses of 0.5 body weight for about 9 months. This may also be given with another drug β carotene (this drug usually produced a variety of toxic or adverse effects including facial erythema, peeling of skin, dryness, hypertriglyceridemia and conjunctivitis).

  • Vitamin A palmitate:

    A short term treatment for leukoplakia with the vitamin A palmitate along with the aromatic retinoid of all the trans -B-A vitamin and B-cis-B-A vitamin acid might show improvement and healing.

  • Nystatin therapy:

    Nystatin therapy is given in the candidal leukoplakai. 500,000 IU of its is given two times in a day along with 20% borax glycerol or chlorogen solution used for mouth rinses or 1% gentian violet.

  • Vitamin B complex:

    Vitamin B complex is also given as the supplement in the cases of lingual and commissural lesions.

  • Panthenol:

    Panthenol oral spray and lingual tablet might be used against glossodynia and glossitis, in case of tongue lesion.

  • Antimycotic preparation:

    Pimafucin and canesten are the antimucotic preparations which have also been very effective.

  • Estrogen:

    Administration of estrogen may also be very helpful in some cases.

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