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Oral Precancer – Bowens Disease

TeethacheBowens disease is one of the oral precancerous conditions. The causes, clinical features, histopathological features and management of the oral precancer – Bowen’s disease is discussed below in this article. Let us examine them.

Bowens disease:

Bowen’s disease is a localized ‘intra epidermal carcinoma’which may progress to invasive carcinoma over several years, which is characterized by progressive crusted or scaly plaque like lesion.


The most common causes of Bowen’s disease include the following:

  • Arsenic ingestion and
  • Sun exposure

Clinical features:

  • Sties:

    It occurs on female and male genital mucosa and in oral mucosa as erythematous lesions, leukoplakia or erythroplakia.

  • Appearance:

    It appears as a slowly enlarging erythematous patches with a little to suggest for the malignant process.

  • Skin:

    A red and slightly scaly area is present on the skin, which eventually enlarges and turns into yellowish or white lesion.
    Signs: When the scales are removed, it produces a granular surface without bleeding.

Histopathological features:

  • There are intra-eptihelial features of malignancy.
  • The epithelial cells of the lesion lie in complete disarray with a highly atypical hyper chromatic nuclei and multiple nuclear forms.


Bowen’s disease can be managed by the use of diathermy, freezing technique, radiotherapy, cauterization or application of cytotoxic drugs.

The above article discusses about the

oral precancer -Bowen’s disease


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