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Interceptive Orthodontics – Removable Space Regainers

tooth-5The concept of this interceptive orthodontics revolves around the minor problems present during development of dentition, which if left untreated may increase in terms of complexity and be, consequently difficult to treat at a later stage. Thus, the procedures are instituted once the problem is detected, albeit at an early stage. It may be considered at the secondary level of prevention. Space regaining is one of the common problems of interceptive orthodontics. In this article, there is a brief discussion on interceptive orthodontics -removable space regainers


Interceptive orthodontics – Removable space regainers

Several designs of space maintainers have been described. The correct selection of the appliance depends on the case, particularly the compliance of the patient.

Free end loop space regainer:

It utilizes a labial arch wire for stability and retention, with a back-action loop spring constructed of No. 0.025 wire. The base of the appliance is made of acrylic resin. Movement of the permanent molar is achieved by activating the free end of the wire loop at specific intervals of time.

Split saddle or split block space regainer:

It is also called split saddle space regainer. It differs from the free end spring type, in that the functional part of the appliance consists of an acrylic block that is split buccolingually and joined by NO. 0.025 wire in the form of a buccal and a lingual loop. The appliance is activated by periodic spreading of the loops. The activator block is split with a disk after the appliance has been processed.

Sling shot space regainer:

This consists of a wire elastic holder with hooks instead of a wire spring that transmits a force against the molar to be distalized. This is called sting shot appliance, since the distalizing force is produced by the elastic stretched on the middle of the lingual surface of the molar to be moved. The other is arranged in the same position on the buccal surface of the molar. The elastic can be changed once each day.

Jack screw:

It is another type of removable appliance used for space regaining which will incorporate an expansion screw in the edentulous space. Space is opened by expanding the plates anteroposteriorly.

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interceptive orthodontics -removable space regainers


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