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What are the Factors Influencing Pulp Therapy?

LeukoplakiaPulp therapy is still a subject of controversy particularly in pediatric dentistry mainly due to the lack of efficacious medicaments and skills. There are several factors influencing pulp therapy which is briefly discussed below in this article. Read on to know more.

Factors influencing the pulp therapy treatment:

It is desirable to attempt to maintain the vitality of tooth pulp infected or affected by caries, traumatic injury or due to other causes. However, a tooth can remain functional without a vital pulp. It is possible to reduce pulp autolysis or eliminate it entirely without significantly compromising the function of the tooth. The successful pulp therapy is predictive upon the acquisition and analysis of appropriate diagnostic data.

The following are the things which should be included before planning for the pulp therapy treatment:

Q. Is the child a reasonable patient?


Consider the value of the involved tooth in relation to the child’s overall development and ability to co-operate in the dental chair.

Q. Is the child medically fit?


Medical history is of great importance. This is because as those kids who are more susceptible to infection like kids with congential heart disease or immune-suppressed patients or children with poor healing potentials (diabetes) will always be questionable cases for a successful pulp therapy.

Q. Is the tooth restorable?


A tooth with extensive caries leading to gross destruction of the coronal portion or a tooth which has caries penetrating the floor of the pulp chamber is unrestorable.

Q. Is it necessary to keep the tooth?


The amount of tooth remaining and the extent of bone loss that has occurred in the supporting structure will have a significant bearing on preserving the tooth.

Q. Are parents co-operative and do they understand the importance of treatment options?


Parents’consent in accepting the treatment and preventive program, including periodic evaluation should always be given prior consideration.

The above article discusses about the factors influencing pulp therapy in pediatric dentistry.

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