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Stainless Steel Crown

tooth-5Stainless steel crown is a semi-permanent restoration used in the primary and young permanent teeth. It was introduced as chrome-steel crown by Humphrey in 1950, which proved to be a favor to clinical pediatric dental practice. Now it is commonly called stainless steel crown is briefly discussed below in this article. Let us examine them.

Stainless Steel Crown

The requirement of stainless steel crown is more frequently found in deciduous dentition than in permanent dentition because of two reasons:

  • First, in relatively small deciduous teeth, neglected caries can destroy the tooth’s integrity faster than in the larger teeth of the permanent dentition.
  • Second, the deciduous teeth pulp is larger than permanent pulp in relation to it (dentin and enamel envelope). Thus, it is difficult to make the dentinal stump for a gold casting or to use a pin system of retention for more extensive amalgam restoration.

Thus, stainless steel crown is an efficient and reliable method of restoration of deciduous dentition. It is also a most advantageous system of restoration because of its retention and resistance.

Advantages of stainless steel crown:

  • These crowns are far superior to multi surface amalgam restorations with the respect to both life span and replacement also and a most advantageous system of restoration because of its retention and resistance.
  • They are acceptable to both the patient and the dentist.
  • They are also more cost effectiveness because of comparatively simple procedures which are involved in restoring even the severely affected first or primary molars.

Objectives of stainless steel crown:

The main objectives of using stainless steel crown restoration are listed below:

  • To achieve biologically compatible, masticatorily competent and clinically acceptable restoration.
  • To maintain the form and function and also the vitality of the tooth must be maintained.

Composition of stainless steel crowns:

Austentic type of alloy is used. For example Rocky mountain and Unitek. The composition of stainless steel crowns include the following:

  • Chromium -17 -19%
  • Nickel -10 -13%
  • Iron -67% and
  • Minor elements -4%

The austentic types provide the best corrosion resistance of all the stainless steel.

The above article discusses briefly about the stainless steel crown.

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