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Types of Dental Amalgam Alloy

Oral Precancer ErythroplakiaAmalgam is the remaining plastic material of value in the restoration of deciduous teeth. Dental amalgam alloy is the most inexpensive and reliable material of all. There have been a number of scare campaigns over the recent years suggesting that amalgam is not biocompatible. It has even suggested that it is carcinogenic. There are no convincing evidence at all for these claims and there has been adequate support for its continuing use from all the prime scientific authorities throughout the world. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the different types of dental amalgam alloy. Let us examine them.

Types of dental amalgam alloy

  • Type I.

    • a High copper alloy:

      This type of dental amalgam alloy contains more than 12% of copper content.

    • b. Lower copper alloy: This type of dental amalgam alloy contains less than 6% of copper content.
    • c. Gallium alloy
  • Type II.

    This type II dental amalgam alloy is based on the particle type and shape.

    • a. Lathe cut:

      This type is irregular shaped fillings which is produced by cutting an ingot of alloy on a lathe.

    • b. Spherical particle:

      This type is produced by atomizing the alloy, whilst still liquid into a stream of inert gas.

  • Type III.

    This type is based on the zinc content.

    • a. Zinc containing:

      In this type of alloys, the zinc content is more than 0.01%.

    • b. Zinc free:

      This alloy contains less than 0.01 percent of zinc.

  • Type IV. “γ₂ content”:

    This type of dental amalgam alloy contains of two types. Amalgams may be described as γ₂ containing dental amalgam alloys. The other type may be described as γ₂ free dental amalgam alloys.

    • a. Low copper amalgams contain the Sn-Hg (tin -mercury) phase which is called the γ₂ phase to distinguish it from the γ phases of the Ag-Sn (silver -tin) and Ag-Hg (silver -mercury) alloy systems.
    • b. Within several hours after amalgamation, all correctly manipulated high-copper amalgams are γ₂ – free.

The above article discusses briefly about the different types of dental amalgam alloy.

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