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Resin Modified Glass Ionomer – Review

In view of limited life span of the deciduous teeth it is normal to utilize one of the plastic restorative materials which are placed directly into the cavity. This include the first molars because of the difficulties that encounter while using gold inlays or gold foils restorations. One can use resin modified glass ionomer for the tooth restoration. Read on to know more.

Glass-IonomerResin modified glass ionomer

are the materials which have a small quantity of a resin into the liquid formula. Less than 1.0 percent of photoinitiators are allowed for the setting reaction to be initiated by light of the correct wavelength.

Advantages of resin modified glass ionomer

Early resistance to water uptake in the newly set cement as well as enhanced translucency.

Materials used in the resin modified glass ionomer

The resin utilized in these materials is hydroxyethlymethacrylate (HEMA) and it is incorporated into the liquid in about 15 -25 percent so as to have a powder liquid ratio of about 3:1 setting reaction.

Setting reaction of resin modified

  • The setting reaction of resin modified glass ionomers is very similar with regards to the acid base reaction though at a slightly slower pace.
  • The usual ionomer salt hydrogel will form along with a poly HEMA matrix with the possibility of multiple cross linking between the two matrices.
  • The setting reaction of poly HEMA matrix will be stimulated by light activation subsequently an oxidation or reduction reaction will continue to progress through any remaining unreacted resin chains so that in the long run the entire restoration will be set.
  • This has been designated as a “tri cure setting reaction:.
  • The setting rate depends on the following factors:
    1. Temperature of the mixing slab:

      The lower the temperature of the mixing slab, the longer the working time and vise versa. However, the temperature should always be above the dew point.

    2. Powder liquid ratio:

      The higher the powder content the higher the physical properties. However, care should be taken to ensure that the materials are properly dispensed before mixing.

The above article discusses briefly about the resin modified glass ionomer.

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