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Other Fluoride Applications Used By the Professional

Fluoride application is one of the effective treatment for the caries and cavity prevention. They are various materials available in the market for the topical application. The other fluoride applications used by the professionals are discussed briefly in this article. Let us examine them.
FluorideThe following are the fluoride application procedures used by the professionals:

  1. Fluoride impregnated prohylaxis paste and cup:

    • The temperature of the enamel surface is raised during a prophylaxis because of the friction between the prophylaxis cup and the tooth. High temperature enhances the uptake from fluoride containing prophylaxis paste or solutions.
    • It is therefore reasoned that if a fluoride impregnated prophylaxis cup or paste are developed, fluoride would be released under optional conditions.
    • Laboratory evidence has also confirmed that prophylaxis cup made from a blend of thermoplastic resins and impregnated with sodium fluoride and stannous fluoride will increase the fluoride content of enamel.
    • When fluoride containing prophylaxis pastes are used, the effects are generally found to be similar whether a conventional or fluoride impregnated prophylaxis cup was used.
  2. Iontophoresis:

    • It is based on a theory that small electric current will help to drive fluoride ion further into the dental enamel.
    • It helps by producing the desired effect, reducing the enamel solubility, increased fluorapatite formation, reduced dentine sensitivity and even sterilization of root canals.
  3. Dental materials containing fluoride:

    • Several studies were conducted to see the cariostatic effect of dental materials containing fluoride and a highly significantly fluoride uptake by enamel was recorded that was placed in contact wit materials.
    • Carboxylate cements are now used more extensively for cementation of crowns and orthodontic bands.
    • Fluoride in amalgams have also been tried. Jerman (1970) added 1.5% of stannous fluoride to silver amalgam alloy and noted that the enamel surface placed in contact with this alloy showed a significant reduction in enamel acid solubility.
    • Fluoride containing varnish and sealants were considered of potential value in Pedodontic practice.
    • A polyurethane based material containing 10% sodium monofluorophosphate commercially available as “Expoxylite 9070” has shown 36.6% less carious surface on first permanent molar.
    • Glass ionomers are the recent innovation which seem to dominate the other materials because of their fluoride leaching property.

The above article discusses briefly about various other fluoride applications by the professionals.

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