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Prenatal Fluoride Supplements

Supplements during pregnancy help in the growth and development of the foetus. Thus, it is also important to intake proper dosage of healthy supplementation. Studies have shown that prenatal fluoride supplements also help in preventing caries in children and help in the development of healthy teeth. Read on to know more about the fluoride supplementation during pregnancy.

how to pick the right toothpast for childrenPrenatal fluoride supplements

  • Prior to 1966, fluoride was prescribed in prenatal supplements for potential caries prevention in teeth where development begins in intrauterine life and at birth.
  • There was a belief that fluoride would cross the placental barrier and get acquired by the developing teeth sufficiently to provide caries protection.
  • Legros et al (1983) reported that prenatal fluoride would protect the teeth by the following:
    • By affecting the morphology of teeth, promoting the formation of smooth teeth with shallow grooves and fissures.
    • Enamel shows less depth of etching and is composed of more densely placed enamel rods with more mineralized apatite crystals and with a slightly better crystallinity.
    • Recently, another school of thought has expressed that the dietary fluoride supplements to pregnant women cannot be recommended because there is no conclusive evidence that it reduces dental caries in the teeth of their offspring.

Optimum dosage for prenatal fluoride supplementation

A wide range of safety for the prenatal fluoride supplementation in regard to fluorosis is 2 mg per day. This amount can be used as the simplified dosage in the prenatal fluoride supplementation In all areas. This concentration can be taken by pregnant women regardless of whether their drinking water is fluoridated or not. A dosage of prenatal fluoride supplement between 1 and 4 mg per day is much better that no supplement of prenatal fluoride.

The above article discusses briefly about the prenatal fluoride supplements.

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