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Top 3 Dental Infections

Oral-Submucous-FibrosisDental infections occur due to the microbial growth on the left over food particles which stick to our teeth. However, there are top 3 dental infections and each of them differs from each other in a unique characteristic. Read on to know about the top 3 dental infections which are discussed below.

What are the Top 3 Dental Infections?

  1. Type one:

    This kind of dental infection occurs in the living soft-pulp tissue inside the tooth. This type of dental infection leads to tooth decay problem. Surprising and sadly, for this type of infection, there are neither medicines nor any antibiotics which can help to fight against the causative bacteria and other infections. This infection is very painful.

  2. Type two:

    This type of dental infection occurs when the infection is within the bone at the end of the tooth. This infection is very different from the type one infection; the antibodies and WBC (white blood cells) are able to reach the infected area of the bone and can help to fight against the infection. If an infected individual is healthy, then their immune system can also help to fight against the infection along with help of antibiotics and medicines. In many cases, the infection feeds on the surrounding tissue and causes the surrounding bone tissue death.

  3. Type three:

    This is the last type and the infection occurs inside the gum line and gums. Individuals with this type of dental infection are also referred as gum infection, and she or he is referred to periodontist. This infection can be fought by our own antibodies and WBC (white blood cells)and with medications such as specific antibiotics.

The above listed are the top three dental infections. If you notice the early signs and symptoms of these infections then immediately consult the medical dental professional for an early and better treatment and cure.

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