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Top 3 Reasons for Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is also known as cancer of mouth or squamous cell cancer( carcinomas). It tends to spread quickly. It arises from the oral tissues through metastasis from a distant site of origin or from a neighboring origin such as nasal cavity. There are many types of oral cancers but more than 90% belongs to squamous cell carcinomas. These squamous cell carcinomas originate from the tissue that line the mouth and lip line. This even involves tongue. Oral cancer may also occur on the floor of mouth, gingiva, lips, cheeks and palate.
Cancer occurs due to activation of oncogenes by mutation of DNA. The reason for the same is still under research. Usually oral cancer starts with leukoplakia (a white lesion), erythroplakia (a red patch) or from non healing sores which have existed for more than fourteen days. In USA, 8% of oral cancer contributes to malignant growths. Men are twice more affected by this cancer than women. A form of oral cancer called as submucous fibrosis is common in Indian subcontinent. This is characterized by burning sensation while eating spicy food and trouble while opening the mouth wide. These researches have given a strong base to find out the top 3 reasons for oral cancer so as to start the prevention process for the population.

Oral-CancerTop 3 reasons for oral cancer

What are the top three reasons for oral cancers?

  1. Tobacco:

    75 percentage of oral cancer is associated with smoking or chewing of tobacco. This happens due to the irritation caused by tobacco on the mucous membranes of mouth, heat of cigarettes, cigars and pipes. Over 60 types of carcinogens are related with tobacco or its by products.

  2. Alcohol:

    This is another risk factor associated with mouth cancer. Heavy smokers and drinkers are commonly seen to be affected by oral cancer. Research has shown that accetaldehyde (product of alcohol) is implicated with this cancer.

  3. Human Papilloma virus:

    Infection caused by Human papilloma virus (HPV) type 16 is the sole cause or risk factor for oral cancer. HPV16 is the same virus that is responsible for cervical cancers. This is even the most common sexually transmitted infection in USA.

What are the symptoms associated with the top 3 reasons for oral cancer?

  • Deep, hard edged crack in oral tissue
  • Pale colored or dark sore or ulcers
  • Lumps, sores or ulcers on the tongue, lip or any area of mouth
  • Abnormal taste of food
  • Chewing difficulty
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Tongue problems

Most effective treatments available are:

  • Radiation Therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Oral hygiene and care

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