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Top 10 Reasons for Bleeding Gums

Dry-mouth-and-gum-diseaseTop 10 reasons for bleeding gums can act as an indication or a sign to enlighten us with the other mouth infections or problem underlying. But, bleeding gum itself is a big trouble to teeth and mouth. This even causes lot of discomfort while eating, drinking or talking. Bad breath and food tasting sour is also included in the problems faced due to bleeding gums.

What are the top 10 reasons for bleeding gums?

  1. Wrong way of flossing:

    Flossing on daily basis is a very important part of dental care that helps us remove hiding plaque from our mouth which brushing cant. But, if flossing is not done in a gentle way and if it is forced harshly, it leads to bleeding of gums. It should be done in a proper sliding up and down motion carefully following the curve of tooth.

  2. Tooth plaques:

    Plaque is a sticky material made up of bacteria, mucus and food particles which is developed on the exposed parts of the teeth and then becomes a hard substance known as tartar. These bacteria get trapped easily at the base of the tooth and become a serious threat for the gums leading to inflammations and bleedings.

  3. Wrong way of brushing:

    Harsh brushing and using brushes with hard bristles are the worse way of cleaning the teeth as these are fine for teeth but not for gums. Gums are made of sensitive and soft tissues which get damaged with these hard bristles and forced brushing. We should use only soft and electric brush that have blunt ends for a more gentle cleaning action for both teeth enamel and gums. Only small amount of tooth paste and 2 minutes brushing is enough for maintaining healthy teeth. Round and round motion on the front, back, and underneath of each tooth along with cleaning the tongue and gums should be remembered.

  4. Periodontitis:

    This means inflammation around the tooth and is one of the most serious gum diseases. In this, a bacterial infection destroys the attachment fibers and supporting bone that keeps teeth firm in the mouth so that a tooth (or more than one) could be lost. These bacteria can come from not washing vegetables and fruits before consuming them or from drinking or eating from crockery or glasses that are not washed. It is very important that treatment starts as quickly as possible to treat these bacterial infections.

  5. Dentures:

    Poor fitting of dentures can cause swollen or bleeding gums. Your dentist should be aware that any fillings or braces that do not fit correctly lead to gaps and holes in between the tooth and make the bacteria trapped inside them and flourish.

  6. Gingivitis:

    This is inflammation of gum resulting in red and puffy gums which bleed while brushing. This condition can be treated by regular cleaning of gums through brushing and flossing after every meal for full 2 minutes. A natural antiseptic mouth wash is also a good help. 75% of Americans in the age group of 35 suffer from gingivitis.

  7. Malnutrition:

    Not consuming enough of vitamin B, C , folic acid or calcium leads to swollen gums and bleeding gums.

  8. Herpes:

    Having oral sex or getting involved in kissing a partner who is suffering from herpes virus leads to bleeding and swollen gums. But, along with this additional symptoms such as blisters on gums and tongue are also seen.

  9. Female gender:

    During certain phases of female’s life like puberty, pregnancy or menstruation their gums become swollen and red due to increased blood circulation to the gums through increased hormonal levels.

  10. Tonsils:

    Swollen tonsils and swollen gums are always linked together. So its always better to take care of your tonsils during weather changes and while drinking cold food items.

Regular dental care and protection of teeth and gum from bacterial infections and eating a healthy diet is the best way of keeping the above top 10 reasons for bleeding gums at the bay.

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