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Top 10 Causes of Gum Diseases

Before knowing the top 10 causes of gum diseases it’s important to know what gum diseases are and how do we know whether we have gum disease?

What are Gum Diseases?

Our mouth is the resident of many bacteria which along with mucus and food particles form sticky and colorless plaque on teeth. These bacteria and plaque spread to gum and cause infections which are called as gum diseases. There are two kinds or stages of gum diseases namely:

  • Gingivitis
  • Periodontitis

DenturesHow to Know If We Have Gum Disease?

This can be easily noticed through the following symptoms:

  • Long lasting bad breath which doesn’t go away.
  • Swollen red gums.
  • Bleeding gums.
  • Pain while chewing food or drinking.
  • Loose and sensitive tooth.

Once it’s known and confirmed that the gum disease is prevailing, you must hit the dentist clinic as soon as possible. Dentist is the best source to know the top 10 causes of gum diseases.

What are the Top 10 Causes for Gum Diseases?

  1. Smoking or Chewing Tobacco:

    Tobacco is linked with many illness and diseases such as cancer, lung disease, heart disease and other health problems. This is the most important cause for gum disease which even elevates the risk of other infections.

  2. Genetics:

    It’s proved scientifically that 30% of the population gets gum disease due to genetic heredity. Inspite of any care or precaution being taken, this genetic factor is six times more likely to cause gum disease.

  3. Puberty and pregnancy in women:

    During this phase of life women experience hormonal changes which can affect their body’s tissue including the gum. At this time the gum become sensitive and reacts very strongly to hormonal fluctuation and make them more susceptible to gum diseases. It’s even seen that pregnant ladies with gum diseases are seven times more prone to pre delivery and low weight babies.

  4. Stress:

    This is related with many serious conditions such as cancer, hypertension and other health problems. Stress is also referring as a risk factor for periodontal disease as this makes it difficult for the body to fight infection.

  5. Medication:

    Drugs like oral contraceptives, heart disease medicines, anti depressants affect the mouth and its oral health conditions.

  6. Grinding and Clenching of teeth:

    While sleeping or while solving a test session or at work, few individuals have the tendency or habit of clenching or grinding the teeth. This puts excess force on the tissues of the tooth and increases the rate at which periodontal tissues are harmed.

  7. Diabetes:

    In USA, 16 million Americans are suffering from diabetes and more than half of this count is even diagnosed with gum diseases. Diabetes occurs due to deficiency in insulin production or body’s inability to use insulin properly. Any one suffering from diabetes is at higher risk of developing gum diseases.

  8. Systemic diseases:

    Diseases that affect or alter the body’s immune system worsen the condition of gums and make them susceptible to many infections.

  9. Poor nutrition:

    A proper diet is very important to have a strong immune system so that our body is capable of fighting infections and germs. Due to poor nutrition and lack of vitamins, minerals etc body becomes weak and is not able to fight back the infections attacking the body.

  10. Obesity:

    This is also one of the factors for low immune system. Due to obesity, our immune system does not work strongly as the metabolic system of our body is weakened. Low immunity makes the body more susceptible to infections.

Knowing top 10 causes of gum diseases is only a small way to enlighten the fact saying “Prevention is better than cure” though few causes are out of our reach.

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