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Oral Submucous FibriosisDental Abutment:

is a process of dental implantation which is otherwise also known as implant abutment and prosthetic abutment. In a simple way for understanding, it’s a piece of metal that connects to the tooth implant through a abutment screw. In short, it’s a metal screw piece which holds the implant and the outer crown cap. Usually, it is made in dental laboratory so that the perfect fit of the individual can be tailor made. This is made using very high computerized technical technology. In few cases these are even pre made as per normal sizes.

What are the materials used for making abutments?

High noble metals are the best material to be used for the making of abutments. The best examples under this category are gold, titanium, ceramic etc. There are certain advantages and disadvantages of using these materials. Gold is the best material to be used when porcelain crown are used, but when it’s the matter of gum’s response to such cases, then titanium is best to opt for. Gold has got more importance as it adds natural coloring to the tooth. Ceramic abutment are more in demand as they resist fracturing, very natural looking and is very stylist as well.

What are the Types of Dental Abutments?

Depending on the type of dental issues there are three types of abutments which are suggested:

  1. Bridge Abutments

    : These are made so that the insertion path of the teeth is parallel with each other.

  2. Partial Denture Abutments

    : These are used when there is a need to incorporate elements like rest seats, recontouring and guide planes.

  3. Implant Abutments

    : They are also called as prosthetic implant abutments. They are made up of stainless steel, gold, ceramic or titanium. Prosthetic abutments are connected to the dental replacement through a screw. These screws are tailor made as per the size and comfort ability of the individuals.

ceramic abusementCeramic abusement crown

What are the Advantage of using Dental Abutment?

  • They are very similar to natural teeth.
  • These help the person to eat what ever they want without any restrictions.
  • The success rate of this is very high due to the comfort level of implanted tooth.
  • Not much of pain is involved.
  • It’s a permanent solution for tooth replacement.

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