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Top 10 Ways to Wear Rubber Band on Braces

Oral Hygiene Practices for InfantsBraces are worn by individuals who all have uneven teeth structure or who want to give some perfect shape to their smile. If there are braces worn by individuals then at one point of time they are instructed by their orthodontist to wear rubber bands on braces so as to get proper position and shapes. There are top 10 ways to wear rubber band on braces as selected by the orthodontist associations. Although the procedure of wearing these bands over the braces are taught and practically shown by the dentist, it is very difficult to understand and more difficult while doing it practically. Let us examine those different ways to wear braces easily

Top 10 ways to wear rubber bands on braces

These are divided into two parts: first four easy steps and then the alternate way.

First four easy steps :

    • Hold the rubber band tightly and firmly in your left hand.
    • Select the brace’s bracket where you have to place the band. Open the mouth wide and bring your band to that particular brace bracket.

  • Hook the rubber band over the selected bracket from both the sides.
  • If the band has to be fitted from top to bottom, then fit them from both the ends starting from top first and then bottom for an easier way.

Alternate way for placing the bands :

    • Have the bands with hook on both the ends.
  • Place your rubber band on these hooks one at a time from each side.
  • Select the brace’s bracket which needs the band support.
  • Place one end of the band from this hook to the selected bracket.
  • If you have selected the right side first then go for left once the band is fixed properly on the right side.
  • The same process to be repeated if the brackets are from top to bottom.

What are the preventive tips before wearing the rubber bands?

  • Try and put the hooks first on the bottom brackets.
  • Ask the orthodontist for new size of rubber bands in case your band is small.
  • Don’t rush for placing the bands, take deep breaths while placing them.
  • Frustration should be kept away as this process requires patients for first few days.
  • Always look at the mirror before placing the bands.
  • Always change the bands on regular basis. They should not be worn while brushing the teeth.

The above mentioned are the top 10 ways to wear rubber bands on braces and they are successful only if they are practiced with patience and care. Though, at the beginning, individuals wearing braces may have difficulty and discomfort. But, with time and guidance from their dentist on how to carry braces may help them to avoid the discomfort and pain.

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