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Chemotherapy Effect on Mouth

Oral Submucous FibriosisCancer can occur in any portion and part of our body. Chemotherapy is used as the treatment to cure this disease. But, this therapy even causes harm to normal cells. Mouth is a very sensitive and important part of human body. If cancer has affected the mouth region then lot of care is required during the therapy sessions. Chemotherapy effect on mouth can not be ignored and requires attention from the initial phase of the treatment. Knowledge on the subject can help us avoid complications.

What are the Chemotherapy Effects on Mouth?

  • Painful gums.
  • Dryness in mouth.
  • Pain in entire mouth and throat area.
  • Burning and swelling of tongue.
  • Peeling tongue.
  • Infection in mouth.
  • Bad odor.
  • Sour taste while eating any food products.
  • Difficulty in chewing.

These effects in mouth due to the use of chemicals as therapy depend on the type of treatment being taken or type of cancer the person is suffering from. They depend on how the body reacts to the drugs being used. These problems may occur during the therapy sessions for short period of time or even at the end of it.

Side Effects of Chemotherapy on Mouth:

  • Difficulty in talking.
  • Problem in eating and swallowing.
  • Infection inside mouth which might create problem for the therapy session.
  • Soft and moist lining of mouth.
  • Soft and moist lining of gland making saliva.

Sometimes the side effects are bad enough to cut back the treatment or even stop the treatment.

What is the Prior Precautionary Measure?

As these chemotherapy sessions cause lot of side effects in mouth, it is important to have a prior precautionary measure taken. This is nothing but meeting up with your dentist one month prior to the therapy session.

Side effects usually happen due to unhealthy mouth and the dentist can help us avoid these side effects by treating our mouth first or help us prevent the undesirable effects before the chemotherapy session.
It is best to have one month prior appointment fixed with the dentist to safe guard our selves.

How will the dentist help us prevent the side effects?

    • Clean the mouth region regularly to make them healthy and fit.
    • X rays testing.
    • Curing the mouth problems.
    • Suggesting the ways to prevent the side effects during the therapy.

Chemotherapy effect on mouth

suggests “Prior Care is Better Care.”

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