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What are the Causes Leading to Tooth Abscess?

Pit-and-FissureCollection of pus (also called as infected material) which results from a bacterial infection at the center of a tooth is called as Tooth Abscess. When looked from outside, they appear as black spot at the centre of the tooth.

What are the Causes Leading to Tooth Abscess?

This usually occurs due to broken tooth or chipped tooth, hence it is even referred to as Tooth Decay complication. In simple words, when ever there is a trauma to tooth (chipping or broken or decay) it leads to a formation of hole at the center of the tooth or even at the gum tooth joint regions. These holes get stuffed with food particles and get attached by the bacterial flora of mouth and air. This causes the infection. Opening of these tooth enamels allows the bacteria to reach the pulp region of tooth and hence the infection also reaches the pulp region.

This bacterial infection causes the collection of dead tissues, dead bacteria, living bacteria and the white blood cells at the center of the tooth. These infected materials are termed as pus. Accumulation of pus leads to swelling of the tooth tissues and hence pain in the tooth. These infections spread and destroy other tissues as well.

What are the symptoms for recognizing these infections?

  • Severe tooth ache which is throbbing, sharp and shooting kinds. Sometimes the pain is unbearable.
  • Bitter taste of mouth. No food taste as good as it’s cooked.
  • Bad smell of breath.
  • Fever.
  • Pain during chewing food items.
  • Discomfort and uneasiness.
  • Discomfort while consuming hot or cold items.
  • Swollen neck region.
  • Swollen cheeks on the side of infection.

Dental diagnosis procedure :

  • When the dentist touches the tooth with his instrument, patient will feel the pain.
  • Closing of mouth tightly by the dentist causes severe pain and discomfort.
  • The gums will be swollen red and thick liquid might be oozing out.

Treatments for Tooth Abscess :

  • Antibiotics for fighting against the infection.
  • Warm water with added salt for soothing effect and even eliminating the bacteria.
  • Root canal therapy for saving the tooth.
  • If the infection is severe then the tooth can be extracted or surgery can be done to drain the abscess.

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