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What are Protruding Teeth – Difference with Overbite Teeth and Buck Teeth

Pit-and-FissureSmile gives the best look to our beauty. But there are few human beings who are born with Buck Teeth or protruding teeth problem. This creates not only psychological depression in them but even makes them hesitant to have an open laugh or smile in public gatherings or social functions.

Difference between Overbite Teeth and Protruding Teeth


When the top teeth line bites over the bottom teeth line more than the normal range, it’s called as teeth overbite. In many critical cases, the gums are also damaged and striped away from the teeth edge. This even loosens the lower teeth line and in some more cases, the lower teeth line cuts into the roof level of mouth. All these cases give a very unpleasant look to the individuals. This finally makes them to have an unsocial life and keep them away from crowd.

When the front teeth are pushed towards outer mouth line more than the normal range it’s called as protruding or buck teeth line. The individuals having these problems are susceptible to tooth loss from accidents or may suffer eating or speech problems.

What are the Ways to Examine these Kinds of Conditions?

  1. Overbite Tooth Condition

    : Close your teeth and look at the mirror facing the front side. Are your lower teeth visible? If more than half of your lower teeth line is visible then your teeth line is perfect, but incase less than half of the lower teeth line is seen then it’s a case of Overbite condition.

  2. Buck Teeth Condition

    : Stand in front of the mirror and then turn towards the right and left side. If your teeth are seen coming out from your lip line from both the sides, then it’s the case of protruding teeth line.

Both the above mentioned cases require dental assistance to make a perfect teeth jaw line.


This usually includes the process of having the fixed braces followed by retaining plate.

  1. For adults, the duration for retaining the braces varies from two to three years. This may even require more time period depending upon the severity and retaining the plates up to minimum two years time.
  2. For kids, the time period required is much lesser than the adults as the jaw line at the tender age is softer and can be molded easily.

For Protruding teeth problem it’s always said:  Sooner The Better

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