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Cure for Stained Teeth – Causes and Methods

Fluoride-ToxicityA smile is the best cure for all health problems being faced by human beings. But imagine a smile with stained teeth. Will a stained teeth smile be good enough for any cure? Cure for Stained Teeth is the most looked out search for any individual for adding up to their looks, saving them for public embarrassment and even for own personal health.

Causes for Stained Teeth:

  • Multiplication of bacteria and germs inside our mouth due to improper eating leads to deposition of plaque and calculus on the teeth causing discoloration or staining of teeth.
  • Lack of dental hygiene practices is another reason for stained teeth.
  • Smoking habits.
  • Chewing of tobacco.
  • Dental problems like bleeding gums or any mouth infections also cause deposition of plaque leading to stained teeth.
  • External staining of teeth is even caused by organic compounds in carbonated drinks and food items which get incorporated to tooth film. Best example for this is coffee stain.
  • Intrinsic discoloration of teeth occurs due to dentin defects, metabolic disorders, systemic syndromes, fluorosis, enamel hypoplasia, tetracycline stains etc.

Simple and Best Methods Leading to

Cure for Stained Teeth


  1. Quit smoking of cigars and cigarettes.
  2. Avoid frequent intake of carbonated drinks, junk food items.
  3. Controlling the consumption of tea and coffee, if they can stain your cup then imagine the condition of your teeth.
  4. Rinsing of mouth after every meal will prevent sticking of food particles to your teeth for a longer period. This helps protect your mouth and teeth from multiplication of germs and formation of plaque.
  5. Use of “food graded baking soda” is also one of the methods to remove and whiten your teeth. A pinch of baking soda should be spread on your tooth brush before brushing your teeth. Only small amount of soda should be taken as excess amount might even give negative result of tooth roughing.
  6. Use of “Teeth Whitening Strips” are one of the popular methods for removing of stains from teeth sitting at home. These strips have 6.5% of hydrogen peroxide which helps remove the stains. This strip is a novel bleaching method which uses polyethylene strips to pass hydrogen peroxide gel to front teeth.
  7. Doctors treatment for removing the stains for tooth are based on advance technology where in they try to remove the stains by electric scrubbing. But it’s not advisable as this may even cause removal of teeth enamel leading to further complications.

Prevention is always better than cure. Start the practice of brushing your teeth twice daily and without a miss. Brush your teeth at night time before a good night sleep. Searching Cure for Stained Teeth will automatically be solved!!

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