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Tooth Infections and Its Treatments

Pit-and-Fissure-SealantsTooth infection isWhen the bacterial infection accumulates toward the soft pulp of the tooth region it tends to encourage the formation of pus inside the gum and tooth joining point resulting to Tooth Infections.

Reasons for Infection in Tooth:

  • Bacteria entering its filling zone due to improper filling procedure.
  • Tooth decay.
  • Cracked teeth.
  • Failed root canal procedure.
  • Extensive periodontal disease.

What are the Different Types of Infections?

There are three types of tooth infections depending on the base of its start, namely:

  1. Per apical Infection

    This type of infection starts from the apex of the root of the teeth. These are usually very painful as sometimes it even extends its infection towards the nerve region.

  2. Gingival (Gum) Infection

    These infections are related to the gums of the tooth and it does not involve the teeth or the periodontal ligaments. This can be caused due to improper dental hygiene.

  3. Periodontal Infection

    This infection starts from the root of the gums from 3mm’s depth. This infection even affects the bones and tissues that support the teeth area.

Different Methods for Treating Tooth Infections:

The treatment of any infection follows one very simple rule, eliminating or reducing organism and its multiplication leading to this state. Further, depending on the above mentioned different types of infections, treatment should be preceded.
The various treatments which can be involved for curing the infections are:

  • Root Canal Procedure

    In case restoration of tooth is required.

  • Extraction of Teeth

    In case the infection has crossed the critical limit of growth, extracting the tooth remains the only treatment along with the Curettage of apical soft tissues.

  • All the treatment should be followed by antibiotic dosages depending on the organism detected in lab Reports.

Tooth infection should never be ignored as its critical situation can even affect the brain. Healthy and shining tooth should be the goal as a prevention method for every human being.

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