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What are Dental Cavities – Symptoms,Causes and Treatment

Salty-Taste-In-MouthWhen we normally rotate our tongue inside our mouth we sometimes feel some roughness on some tooth and sometimes we even feel that our tongue is getting inside a small hole like structure on the teeth. These roughness and holes on teeth are nothing but Dental Cavities in specific terms.


Reasons for the Formation of Dental Cavities

When we consume our food, especially food rich in starch and sugar, the normal mouth flora bacteria attacks on these food products which adhere to out teeth. These food gets converted to acid form by these bacteria. The combination of these food particles, bacteria, acid, and our mouth saliva results into formation of a sticky substance called as Plaque.

These plaque are formed within 20 minutes of our eating. The Acid which is present within this plaque with the period of short time starts to dissolve the thin layer of our teeth coating called as tooth enamel. The slow degradation of this thin enamel results into formation of small holes which are known as Dental cavities¬Ě and which with the period of time starts to degrade even more and cause serious dental problems. This problem is usually seen in young kids feeding on chocolates more and in youngsters feeding on junk food articles mostly.

Symptoms of Dental Cavities:

  • Tooth ache
  • Gum aches and soaring
  • Formation of black layers inside the hole of cavity
  • Sudden pain while drinking anything hot or cold

What are the Causes Leading to Dental Cavities?

Eating food rich in sugar content and starch content is the main cause of dental cavity along with eating sticky food items. Eating snacks at regular intervals also increases the chances of cavity formation.

Treatments Related to Dental Cavities:

  1. Filling of cavities

    These are usually done by removing the decayed portion of the tooth and filling the gaps with materials like porcelain, silver amalgam, gold and composite resin.

  2. Capping or Crowing

    If the tooth decay has reached to an extensive portion where in tooth structure left is very less, then crowing is done. In this, cap is filled to the left out portion of the teeth, which is made up of gold amalgam, porcelain attached with metals etc.

  3. Root canals

    This is done if the nerves of the tooth die of decay. The tooth along with the nerve and tissue vessels is removed and filled with sealing materials along with crowning of the tooth.

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