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Wisdom Teeth Removal Complications

Pit-and-FissureWisdom teeth come in at the end of the jaw. They are last pairs of teeth that come in at the age of 18 to 24 years. In some individuals, the wisdom teeth emerge in slightly overlapping manner disturbing the other teeth and causing the movement of the front teeth and other symptoms such as pain. Thus, these impacted teeth are extraction. But, during the wisdom teeth removal complications can occur. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the complications of wisdom teeth removal.

Complications after the wisdom teeth removal

There are various wisdom teeth removal complications, some of which include the following.

  • Infections:

    Post operative infections is one among the possible complications after the wisdom teeth removal. Patients after the wisdom teeth removal might be subjected to bacterial infection, in rare cases. The common symptoms of infectious condition include abnormal swelling, pain, fever, prolonged bad or salty taste in the mouth without or with evidence of fluid discharge from the infected or operated site or discomfort during jaw opening.

  • Jaw fracture:

    This is one among the complications after the wisdom teeth extraction. The jaw fracture condition occurs due to the wide opening of the mouth during the surgical procedure. During the surgery, as the mouth has be to opened widely, the ligaments of the jaw become stretched leading to discomfort around the jaw. The condition can be cured with the help of medications under the medical supervision. If this problem is not resolved within a week, then there is possible risk of jaw fracture.

  • Dry socket:

    Formation of dry socket is the most frequent complication after the wisdom teeth extraction. If the blood clot formation has failed to occur in the extracted area, then it can result in dry socket. The condition can also occur if the blood clot which is formed in the extracted area has been dislodged. Dry socket will delay the process of healing of the tooth socket.

    Some of the symptoms of dry socket include severe pain, irritation and discomfort after the tooth extraction. Smoking, sucking or drinking with a straw are the major causes of dry socket formation. Patients suffering with this condition need to consult their dentist immediately to treat dry socket.

  • Sinus exposure:

    The sinus in the upper jaw and the upper wisdom teeth are very closely associated. Thus, an extraction of wisdom tooth from the upper jaw can lead to an opening in the sinus in very rare cases, resulting in a communication between the sinus and mouth. This is one of the wisdom teeth extraction complications where the patient might need another surgery in order to solve and treat the complication.

  • Nerve damage:

    There are two nerves lingual nerve which gives sensation to the front portion of the tongue and the inferior alveolar nerve is responsible for the sensation in the chin and lower lip. An impacted wisdom tooth inside the lower jaw Is usually very close to these 2 nerves. Thus, during the wisdom teeth removal procedure, these nerves can be injured. Some of the common symptoms of these nerve damage include prolonged numbness in the chin, lip or tongue. The condition can be temporary for few and can be resolved or can become permanent.

  • Air Embolism:

    This is one among the most serious complications of the wisdom teeth removal. This is a rare condition which occurs when a mixture of water and air under pressure find the way from the jaw to the veins and finally to the larger blood vessels which go to the heart. The condition can lead to heart attack or death depending on the air bubbles size. Inflammation and tissue damage can result due to the microscopic air bubble. To cure this problem, hyperbaric chamber is required.

The above listed one are the wisdom teeth removal complications. These complications can be avoided by taken little extra care by option an highly experienced dentists or oral surgeon and other necessary precaution during and after the extraction procedure.

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