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Wisdom Teeth Nerve Damage Symptoms

Oral-Submucous-FibrosisWisdom teeth are the third molars which come in at the end of the jaw bone. In some individuals, wisdom teeth come in without any signs and symptoms. Where as, in some individuals, it causes severe pain and misalignment of the teeth. Thus, patients may need to remove the wisdom teeth to prevent further complications. In such cases, a damage to the surrounding nerves can deteriorate the condition. The symptoms of wisdom teeth nerve damage are discussed briefly below in this article. Let us examine them.

Wisdom teeth nerve damage -symptoms

A damage to the nerves in the mouth may occur during the surgical procedure of wisdom teeth removal. The two nerves which are most likely to get damaged during orthodontic and dental work are inferior alveolar nerve and lingual nerve. The symptoms of wisdom teeth nerve damage might be seen in some patients which are as follows.

  • Numb feeling:

    The patients tongue, teeth, cheek, chin, and/or lip may feel tickly, tingly or numb.

  • Pain:

    An injury or damage to the lingual nerve can result in pain -that can manifest itself within any combination of dull, achy or burning forms inside the cheeks or in the tongue. This type of damage is usually caused by the aesthetic injection (that is sometimes accidentally injected directly within a major nerve trunk) or during tooth removal.

    A damage or injury to the inferior alveolar nerve can cause pain or loss of sensation in the chin, jaw or lower lip or loss of sensation. It can also be caused due to tooth extraction.

  • Swelling:

    In some patients with wisdom teeth nerve damage, swelling can be seen in surrounding pats of the teeth removal such as jaw, chin, tongue, etc.

The above listed are a few symptoms of wisdom teeth nerve damage. Thus, individuals going for the tooth removal must make sure to take care necessary precautions in order avoid the damage. Firstly, the patient must check for an well-qualified and an experienced oral surgeon. Then, take guidance and talk about the surgery before and after process. By implementing these two major preventive measures, one can try to avoid nerve damage due to the wisdom or other tooth extractions.

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