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What are the Causes of Tooth Nerve Damage?

Dietary-FluorideTooth consists of three parts -outer strongest enamel. middle softer dentin tissue and inner pulp cavity (nerves and blood vessels). The damage to the tooth can occur due to various factors. There are many causes of tooth nerve damage which result in death of the nerves. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the tooth nerve damage causes. Let us examine them.

Causes of tooth nerve damage

There are several factors for the damage or death of the tooth nerve. The below listed are some of the common causes of dental nerve damage.

  • Cracked tooth:

    This is the most common cause of dental nerve damage.

  • Damaged deep filling:

    This is another cause of tooth nerve damage.

  • Severe tooth decay:

    Severe decay of the tooth tends to reach the inner pulp of the root and may cause nerve damage. The tooth decay might be next infection to the tooth fracture or to the damage tooth or due to poor oral or dental hygiene.

  • Bruxism:

    In some instance, individuals have an habit of grinding their teeth or clinching their jaw, where nerved damage of the tooth is possible. This condition is known as Bruxism.

  • Chipped tooth:

    This condition might also lead to tooth nerve damage. The chipped tooth is generally much weaker than the normal tooth and cannot handle the stress of chewing or biting, which in turn may result in further tooth damage and nerve damage.

  • Trauma to the jaw:

    A Direct blunt trauma to the area surrounding the jaw or directly to the jaw can also damage to the nerves and may result in death of nerve.

The above listed are some of the common causes of dental nerve damage. Thus, if you are experiencing any of the signs and symptoms of dental conditions, then immediately consult your dentist for early treatment and prevention of severe conditions.

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