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What are the Causes of Dental Caries?

Stem-CellsDental caries are also referred to as tooth cavity or tooth decay. There are many causes of dental caries. Dental caries is a disease where the bacterial activity damages the body’s hardest part, tooth enamel and then the softer dentin tissue and blood vessels. Dental caries remains one among the most common diseases of the mouth throughout the world. Read on to know more about the dental caries causes which are discussed briefly in this article.

Causes of Dental caries:

The following are the causes of dental caries which can be avoided by a little care.

  • Poor oral hygiene:

    Poor oral hygiene causes an increase in the number of micro flora inside the mouth. This leads to an increase in the floral activity, resulting in the damage to the tooth enamel and dental caries formation.

  • Increase in sugar consumption:

    Intake of sugary foods in between the meals causes an increase in acid production by the bacterial activity. Thus, causes an increased tooth enamel damage resulting in dental caries.

  • Bacteria:

    There are 2 groups of bacteria which are responsible for initiating tooth decay. These groups include Lactobacillus and Streptococcus. These groups of bacteria have been said to cause major damage by producing more acid.

  • Nutrient and mineral deficiency:

    This is another major cause of many diseases. A deficiency in nutrients causes poor health, including poor dental health. Thus, during demineralization and remineralization process, individual deficient in nutrients have poor ability to remineralize their tooth enamel. This results in dental caries formation.

The above listed ones are some of the causes of dental caries. The treatment for dental caries depends on the damage caused to the tooth. Thus, if you notice any of the early signs of tooth decay such as brown spots, immediately consult your dentist.

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