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Tips For Lip Cancer Prevention

Tips-To-Cure-Fever-Blisters-On-Lips-At-HomeLip cancer is a type of cancer of the mouth (oral cancer). It is most commonly squamous cell cancer or basal cell cancer. Most forms of lip cancer occur on the lower lip. The upper lip cancer is very rare, but it is also very dangerous. There are a few simple and easy tips which one can follow to prevent lip cancer. It occurs 6 times more often in men than in women. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the measures for lip cancer prevention. Let us examine them.

Tips for lip cancer prevention

Lip cancer or any cancer for that matter is a harmful and dangerous diseases. It can infect the cells and also continue to spread the infection further to the surrounding tissues and organs. Thus, it is better to follow the tips to prevent lip cancer. Some of the preventive measures are mentioned below.

  1. Avoid sun exposure:

    Exposure to the sun for longer time-period is the greatest danger for individuals to suffer with lip cancer. This is most common risk factor of develop lip and skin cancer. Thus, individuals, specially who have outdoor jobs must apply sun-protective creams with SPF 20 and even more higher SPH or use a broad-brimmed hat.

  2. Avoid the use of tobacco:

    Tobacco use is another risk factor of developing lip and oral cancer. Thus, people must reduce the use of tobacco in any of these ways (smoking, chewing or snuffing).

  3. Avoid drinking alcohol:

    Drinking excess of alcohol has also been a risk factor for developing lip cancer. Thus, people must reduce the consumption of alcohol to as less as possible. They must drink in limited quantity.

The above listed ones are the simple tips for lip cancer prevention. Take this simple tips seriously as they offer a world-wide protection. In addition, include a healthy diet with all fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans and low-fat dairy products to supply all the essential vital nutrients to your body. Studies have proven that maintain a healthy diet by including all the essential recommended nutrients help to prevent certain cancers.

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