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Lip Cancer -Signs and Symptoms

Tips-To-Cure-Fever-Blisters-On-Lips-At-HomeLip cancer is malignant type of cancer which occurs with the tumor growth in the lip due to the uncontrolled or abnormal growth of the cancer cells. The lip cancer signs and symptoms may vary. In majority of cases, the lip cancers is caused due to the squamous cell carcinoma. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the signs and symptoms of lip cancer. Read on to known more.

Symptoms and signs of lip cancer

Individuals affected with lip cancer experience various symptoms depending on the condition of the patient, cause and stage of cancer advancement. The common lip cancer signs and symptoms are listed below.

  • Patients affected with lip cancer may not show any symptoms in the early stages.
  • Some of the typical lip cancer symptoms include the following.
    • White or red patch:

      Individuals affected with lip cancer may notice white or red patch on the lining of the lips and mouth or other parts of the mouth

    • Lesions or sore on the lips:

      Individuals who develop lesion or sore on the lips, which may not heal even after a longer period.

    • Lump on the lips:

      Presence of a lump or raised area of the lip is the most important sign or symptom of lip cance.

    • Bleeding:

      Patients infected with lip cancer can experience easy bleeding from the lesion or sore. They may also develop discolored or thickening lump on the lips.

  • Some other common symptoms of lip cancer include unusual sensations on the infected lips such as pain or numbness.
  • However, lesions or lumps due to lip cancer are usually not painful.
  • Difficulty in chewing and swallowing the food.
  • Severe earache:

    The infection from the lips can spread and inflect the nerves of the face causing severe earache.

  • Swollen lymph glands:

    Patients infected with lip cancer may also develop swollen lymph glands of the neck. The condition is called lymphedema. It is a sign of advanced lip cancer which has spread even beyond the lips in the deeper tissues of the surrounding areas.

  • Some other symptoms include bad breathe, oral pain, loose teeth and sore throat.

The above listed ones are the common lip cancer signs and symptoms. Thus, if you notice any of the early signs and symptoms, then immediately consult your doctor for early diagnosis and prevention.

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