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Oral Cancer Treatment With Radiotherapy

Nursing-CariesOral cancer is the abnormal cells of growth or tumor growth on part inside the mouth. The treatment for oral cancer can be effective when diagnosed at early stage. Oral cancer treatment with radiotherapy or radiation therapy is one of the option. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the radiotherapy or radiation therapy treatment for oral cancer.

Radiotherapy or radiation therapy for oral cancer treatment

Radiotherapy is one of the local type of oral cancer treatment which uses high-energy particles or rays to destroy and kill the cancerous cells. The aim of this treatment for oral cancer is to destroy the infected tissues with cancer and preserving the uninfected healthy tissues.

Oral cancer treatment with radiotherapy

Radiotherapy is used as three purposes which are as follows.

  • Firstly, as a curative treatment method in patients who cannot be operated with those small tumors.
  • Secondly, as an adjuvant treatment method, in addition with the surgery (in order to enhance the surgery results by destroying the possible cancer cells which could have been left after the surgery and to reduce the risk of cancer redevelopment or relapse).
  • Thirdly, as a neoadjuvant treatment method, which is done before the surgery to reduce the tumor size.

Types of radiotherapy

There are 2 types of radiotherapy which are performed in patients with the oral cancer. These include external beam radiation and internal radiation.

  1. External beam radiation:

    In this type of radiotherapy, a device called linear accelerator is used to generate an external beam which is concentrated on the growth of tumor or cancerous cells and also to break it into smaller pieces. These sessions last for a few minutes and they are administered daily for several weeks to prevent the relapses of tumor growth.

  2. Internal radiation:

    The internal radiation therapy is administrated from the radioactive materials that include needles, thin tubes, seeds which are inserted inside the tumor. During the administration of the treatment, the patient needs to stay under medical supervision in the hospital.

  3. In certain cases, the patients may be given both types of radiotherapy for a better treatment results.

The above article discusses about the oral cancer treatment with radiotherapy. If you experience or notice of the early symptoms and signs of oral cancer, then immediately consult your doctor for early diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

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