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Tips for Oral Cancer Prevention

Diet-and-Dental-CariesCancer is a condition where the normal cells divide rapidly to produce a mass of cells called tumors. These condition can occur at any part of the body. These abnormal growth of the cells inside the mouth is called oral cancer.
Oral cancer prevention can be done by preventing the risk factors and causes. Read on to know more about the tips for the prevention of oral cancer.

Oral cancer prevention tips

Oral cancer is associated with many risk factors for the development of the disease. Thus, preventing or avoiding the risk factors can help to prevent the oral cancer. There are many simple and easy tips for oral cancer prevention which are as follows.

  1. Use of tobacco:

    Tobacco use (pipes, cigar,s smokeless tobacco and cigarettes) is one of the major cause of development of oral cancer. Chewing tobacco or smoking cigarettes increases the development of oral cancer. Thus, stopping or avoiding the use of tobacco lowers the risk of oral cancer.

  2. Drinking alcohol:

    Alcohol, particularly hard liquor and beer are associated with a greater risk of developing oral cancer. Thus, stopping the use or drinking alcohol also helps to lower the risk of oral cancer development.

  3. Sun exposure:

    Sun exposure also increases the risk of oral cancer such as lip cancer, that occurs most often on lower lip. Thus, avoiding the exposure to sunlight by using colored lipstick or sunscreen on the lips can help to reduce the lip cancer risk.

  4. Other factors:

    Some other factors include the associated with other disease. Some studies suggest that the individuals infected with the HPV (human papillomavirus) might increase the risk of developing oral cancer.

  5. Chemoprevention:

    It is the use of vitamins, drugs or other agents to delay or prevent the growth of cancerous cells or to prevent it from combing back. Studies of chemo-prevention of oral cancer disease are under way, including the chemo-prevention of erythroplakia and leukoplakia.

The above listed ones are some easy tips for the oral cancer prevention. If you notice any of the signs and symptoms of oral cancer, then consult a medical professional immediately for a proper and complete diagnosis, prevention and treatment. Oral cancer can occur due to any cause, so be sure to avoid the cause and follow the treatment carefully.

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