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Disadvantages of Mini Dental Implants

Pit-and-FissureMini dental implants are the smaller versions of the dental implants. There are many advantages and some disadvantages of mini dental implants. These mini dental implants now-a-days have been proven practically and also a better option for those individuals suffering from tooth loss. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the mini dental implants and its disadvantages. Read on to know more about them.

Mini Dental Implants:

They are the most advanced ones and are also an effective way of natural tooth replacement. It can also be a better solution for those individuals who have significant bone loss. These implants take a form of the slim titanium rods which acts as the sockets.

Mini dental implants -disadvantages

There are some disadvantages of having the mini dental implants which include the following.

  • Mini dental implants are not a great solution for long term process due to the titanium thinness of the dental implant.
  • These mini dental implants do not offer a better degree when compared to the normal convention or other traditional dental implants.
  • These mini implants are uncomfortable due to the aesthetic drawbacks.
  • Mini implants can also cause bad breath.
  • They are comparably weak compared to other dental implants. Thus, they cannot be used for supporting a tooth.
  • Mini dental implants’ use is limited as only to help by stabilizing the removable denture.
  • They are unable to offer you the natural feeling of dental implants.

The above listed ones are some of the disadvantages of mini dental implants.

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