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Top 10 Advantages of Mini Dental Implants

Pit-and-FissureMini dental implant consists of a very small or miniature of titanium implant which acts like a root of the tooth and to retain the fixture which is incorporated in the base of the denture. There are many advantages of mini dental implants which are briefly discussed below. Let us examine them.

Top 10 advantages of mini dental implants

There are many mini dental implants advantages out of which the top ten are listed below.

    1. Less size:

      The mini dental implants are about half of the size of the traditional dental implants and thus they don’t require much of the jaw bone. Thus, with the need of less bone, painful, time-consuming and costly bone grafts which are necessary with the traditional implants are not at all needed for mini implants.

    2. Less expensive:

      The mini dental implants usually cost about half of the conventional or traditional dental implants cost.

    3. Less invasive:

      Mini dental implants are less invasive as they require a small bone structure. Thus, they are less traumatic to the soft tissue and bone when compared to traditional dental implants which usually cause extensive bone grafting and surgery.

    4. Less healing time:

      Mini dental implants take less healing time because it takes smaller place for its placements and causes less trauma to the soft tissue and bone in the mouth.

    5. Less discomfort:

      Implants dental implants cause less discomfort as it causes less trauma to the bone, underlying tissues and bone. But, many patients do require over-the-counter pain relieving medicines for a shorter period of time after the implantation.

    6. Less time:

      In many of the mini implant cases, the implantation could be loaded immediately after the placement, which means the procedure can be done in a single visit, unlike other implantation procedure which require 2 to 3 visits to the dental office.

    7. Less bone loss:

      A mini dental implant requires less bone structure, thus it preserves the bone and also the shape of the face.

    8. Less bone required:

      Mini implants require a less bone structure for the implant placement, so there are very less chances of additional bone grafting and high cost.

    9. Less periodontal disease or decay:

      Mini implant material is made up of titanium, it is the same type of material which is used for artificial joints. Thus, they are not subjected to periodontal disease or tooth decay.

    10. Less complications:

      Complications due to mini dental implants are usually very rare.

The above listed ones are the top 10 advantages of

mini dental implants


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