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Lip Piercing Infections – Signs and Symptoms

percngThe infections caused by lip piercing are one among the common kinds of infections that is associate with the body piercing.

Lip piercing infection

shows various signs and symptoms. Lip piercings are more difficult to handle and heal and they may take more time when compared to other piercings on different parts of the body. The infection of the lip piercing is one among the dangerous infections that can even spread to the gums and teeth if left untreated. Lip piercing can be due to bacterial infections or viral infections of various different types. Read on to know more about the signs and symptoms of lip piercing infections which is discussed briefly in this article.

Signs and symptoms

There a number of common symptoms and signs of the lip piercing infection which can be used for the identification of an infected lip due to lip piercing include the following.

  • Pain:

    Throbbing and severe pain which has been persistent for about more than two days.

  • Inflammation and redness:

    Individuals infected with lip piercing may have develop inflammation or redness at the site of infection.

  • Swelling:

    This is another sign of an infected lip piercing. Swelling occurs due to the damage of nerves and tissues near the infected or wound area.

  • Burning, itching and irritation:

    Individuals infected with lip piercing may experience itching, burning and irritation near the infected area.

  • Discharge of pus or blood:

    Individuals infected due to lip piercing may have discharge of pus, fluid or blood due to the nerve and tissue damage. These can also lead to foul smell from the affected area of the wound.

  • Swelling of the neck lymph nodes:

    The infection of lip piercing can spread to the surrounding parts such as neck lymph nodes and can cause swelling.

  • Fever:

    Due to the above infectious symptoms, an individual with lip piercing can also experience high body temperature.

The above listed are some of the signs and symptoms of lip piercing infections. Thus, if you notice any of the signs and symptoms, immediately consult the professional, remove the piercing and take immediate medical treatment to prevent severe infections and complications.

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