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Oral Piercing Infections

Types-of-Dental-ProsthesisPiercing on the body or orally can lead to infections due to the open tissues. Oral piercing infections are also common. Oral piercing can be done on the cheek, lips or tongue. So, the infections can be seen near the piercing areas of the mouth. Let us examine the infections of oral piercings which are discussed briefly in this article.

Infections due to oral piercings

The infections are more common as the procedure causes a possible opening of the oral tissues or skin. The most common oral piercings infections are mentioned below.

  • Bacterial and other micro floral infections:

    Since, the piercing causes an opening or exposure of inner tissues or a damage to the skin. Bacteria and other micro floral organisms can directly attack the site as they have a high potential for infection. Thus, it causes an infection on the piercing site.

  • Jewelry:

    It is also common that the jewelry is mostly unsuitable to the injured skin and handling the pre-used jewelry also increases the chances of oral piercing infections.

  • Prolonged bleeding:

    It is common that after a piercing or an injury, the blood clot is formed and the bleeding is stopped. But, prolonged bleeding is a sign for an infectious condition.

  • Swelling of surrounding area:

    Swelling is the most symptom after oral piercing. During piercing, the tissues and nerves can be damaged and it can lead to swelling of the surrounding areas.

  • Other infections:

    The other associated infections of oral piercing include blood poisoning, septicemia, toxic shock, Staph infections, AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Transmission of blood borne disease:

    Individuals who go for oral or other piercing are at a risk for the transmission of hepatitis G, hepatitis D, hepatitis C, hepatitis B and syphilis. They are also at a risk of developing tuberculosis and tetanus. The institutes of health have identified piercing as the possible route for the hepatitis transmission.

  • Endocarditis:

    This is one of the serious inflammation of the tissues and valves of the heart. The bacterial infection near the wound due to oral piercing gives an opportunity for the bacterial to enter within the body in the bloodstream, and reach the heart. This increases the risj of individuals who have cardiovascular problems and abnormalities.

The above mentioned are the oral piercing infections. Thus, if you notice or experience any of the infectious symptoms then immediately consult the professional.

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