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Causes of Tooth Infection

Oral-Submucous-FibrosisTooth infection occurs due to the bacterial activity on the tooth. There are many other causes of tooth infection. Bacteria are naturally present in the mouth and they utilize the food residue stuck between the gums and teeth and produce acids, which decay the tooth enamel, the hardest component in the body which is outer covering of the tooth. Thus, when the outer hardest covering is removed by the acids, it becomes easy for the bacteria to produce acid by utilizing food which later destroys inner soft dentin tissue, nerves and other surrounding tissues and organs. Read on to know more about the tooth infection causes which are discussed below in this article.

Causes of tooth infection

  • Bacteria:

    As discussed above bacteria is the main and major cause of tooth infection. But, bacteria also requires some foreign material such as food to utilize and produce acids. These acids in turn attack the tooth enamel and cause infection.

  • Foods:

    Foods such as starchy and hard foods are stuck in between the teeth and gums and tooth, which makes favorable for the bacteria to utilize them and produce acids.

  • Poor hygiene:

    A poor oral hygiene causes an increase in the number of bacteria, thus increases the production of acid, which ultimately attacks the tooth and causes infection.

  • Less water intake after the meals:

    Every individual must drink water after every meals, as it helps to flush away the stuck food residue from the mouth. Thus, this prevents tooth infection.

  • Intake of acidic foods:

    High intake of acidic foods such as citrus foods or junk foods causes an acidic environment inside the mouth, thus makes it easy for an infectious condition.

The above listed ones are some of the causes of tooth infection. Thus, be sure to follow the tips to prevent tooth infection. Maintaining a good oral hygiene, a good dental health with diet and drinking adequate water helps to prevent tooth infection.

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