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Hairy Leukoplakia of Tongue – Causes

tnge-cancerHairy leukoplakia is also referred to as oral hairy leukoplakia. It is a white patch or hairy appearance on the side of the tongue. There are some causes of hairy leukoplakia of tongue. Hairy leukoplakia is an opportunistic infection caused by the EBV (Epstein-Barr virus). Hairy leukoplakia of the mouth is not associated with any of malignant potential. Read on to know more about the tongue hairy leukoplakia causes.

Causes of the tongue hairy leukoplakia

The main causes of hairy leukoplakia of tongue are mentioned below.

  • Irritation:

    Tongue hairy leukoplakia can occur due to irritation of the tongue with rough teeth, crowns, fillings or improper denture fittings which may rub against the tongue or other parts such as cheeks and gums in the mouth.

  • Tobacco:

    Chewing tobacco is another cause of hairy leukoplakia in the mouth.

  • Smoking:

    Pipe smoking or chronic smoking is another cause of hairy leukoplakia.

  • Oral cancer:

    Although, this is a rare condition, but is also one of the cause of tongue hairy leukoplakia.

  • HIV or AIDS:

    Patients suffering with HIV also develop hairy leukoplakia and it may also be one among the first sign of infection with HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus).

  • Weak immune system:

    Patients who have a poor immune system, such as after the bone marrow transplant, may also develop hairy leukoplakia.

The above article discusses about the causes of

hairy leukoplakia of tongue

. Thus, if you notice any white patches or spots on the tongue or any other parts inside the mouth, immediately consult a medical professional. Early treatment can help you to fight against the infection and prevent other infectious conditions, because this condition is related with HIV or AIDS infection.

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