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Lichen Planus of the Mouth – Causes

Pit-and-FissureLichen planus of the mouth is a chronic inflammation disease. Some symptoms of this condition include white spots or stripes in the interior of the mouth.

Lichen planus of the mouth

This disease generally occurs in adult people over 40 years, though the disease prevalence is not well known. In some areas, the disease is suspected to effect 2 percent of the worldwide population. This disease has a low mortality rate, but smoking can lead to the development of mouth cancer. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the causes of oral lichen planus.

Oral lichen planus causes

The causes of lichen planus of the mouth are as follows.

  • Dental work and oral diseases

    Some dental conditions such as broken restoration or sharp teeth pr prostheses which cause erosion or trauma should be repaired and treated as they might causes the symptoms of oral lichen planus.

  • An allergic reaction caused due to the dental amalgum toothpaste and resin has also been linked to oral lichen planus development.

Suspected causes of oral lichen planus:

  • There are several other suggested causes for oral lichen planus which includes Human Papillomavirus, C. Albicans bacteria, chewing betel quid, etc. However, the significant causal associated link has not been proven.

The above listed are a few causes of lichen planus of the mouth. Thus, if you experience or notice any of the symptoms then immediately consult the medical professional for an early and better treatment. Skin patch tests are the treatment and are used to find out the causes or allergies and also problems associated with oral lichen planus. This helps to clear up the condition once the offending object of substance is removed.

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