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Tongue Cancer -Signs and Symptoms

tnge-cancerTongue cancer is one of the serious type of cancer which an individual can develop on any part of the tongue. The tongue cancer – signs and symptoms are many. This condition is known as mouth cancerĀ, particularly when the spot of the cancer develops on the front portion of the tongue (the portion which you can move all around). It is also known as oropharyngeal cancer, when the cancer spot is present near the back of the throat or at the base of the tongue. Both of this condition create similar type of signs and symptoms. Read on to know more about the signs and symptoms of tongue cancer.

Tongue cancer -signs and symptoms

  • Red or white spot:

    Either it is a mouth tongue cancer or oropharyngeal tongue can, one can notice a tiny, small or medium sized white or red spot on the tongue. Patients with condition may also experience a sore throat or sore spot on their tongue or a sore in their mouth which will not heal. The spot of the oropharyngeal tongue cancer is very difficult to see, as it is located at the back, so it you feel a growth or discomfort, use a mirror and flashlight to get a clear or a better look.

  • Pain:

    Patients cold experience mild to severe pain, particularly swallowing and chewing foods, and it is the common symptom in the tongue cancer development. But, this pain is also common for other infections such as a cold or strep throat, it can be an indication of tongue cancer.

  • Bad taste:

    Patients with the tongue cancer also experience bad taste in the mouth, which could be like an infection-like smell.

  • Bad breath:

    The disease condition, tongue cancer may cause bad breath in the mouth, which is like an infectious smell that is different from a typical bad breath. Thus, do not get confused between the two.

  • Unexplained bleeding:

    Some individuals experience unexplained bleeding and pain in the mouth when they are attacked with tongue cancer.

The above listed ones are some of the signs and symptoms of tongue cancer. If you experience any of the tongue cancer signs and symptoms, then immediately consult your medical professional for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

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