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Oral Diseases of the Mouth

Tooth-DryMouth disease or Stomatognathic disease refers to the mouth (stoma) and jaw (gnath) disease. This term is used by the MeSH (dental diseases), but some other organizations use other different terms. The oral diseases of the mouth are prone to a different kinds of dental and medical disorders. Read on to know more about the oral mouth diseases which are briefly discussed in this article.

Oral diseases of the mouth

  • Halitosis:

    Halitosis or bad breath is the most common type of oral mouth disorders. There are many causes of bad breath which include poor oral hygiene (improper or poor brushing and flossing habits), alcohol, smoking, gum disease, poor care of dentures, chronic lung disease, sinusitis, breathing through the mouth, liver disease, pregnancy and diabetes.

    Medications such as antidepressants, anti-psychotics and anti-histamines which cause dryness inside the mouth resulting in bad breath. Regular and proper brushing, cleaning the tongue, keeping the sinus and nose clean and drinking plenty of water are the best way for preventing bad breath.

  • Salivary glands:

    They help to secrete saliva along with a variety of enzymes that help to process food and to make easy swallowing.They could get infect and inflamed and can be very painful. In some cases, the salivary glands develop benign and malignant cancers. But, the most common salivary gland problem is the formation of stones inside small ducts that prevent the free flow of saliva. Thus, as the glands cannot get empty they swell and get infected. While, this condition may resolve, but sometimes antibiotics and surgery are required.

  • Mumps:

    The salivary glands mumps occurs due to the viral infection of parotid glands. This condition causes swelling and pain at the sides of infected individuals mouth. The infection is contagious and can occur in both kids and adults. Mumps can be prevented by vaccination in infancy, but there is no treatment for mumps disease, except for Tylenol and hydration. In some cases, this condition can lead to testicular swelling, hearing loss or inflammation of the brain.

The above listed ones are a few oral diseases of the mouth . If you experience any of these then immediately consult your doctor or a medical professional for an early and better treatment.

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